Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use of a Photo License

  1. In accordance with the terms and conditions of purchase and use of a photo license (hereinafter – the terms) and the agreement signed between the BUYER and LLC “AEROLATVIJA” (hereinafter – AEROLATVIJA), when downloading photos purchased from the AEROLATVIJA e-shop (hereinafter – the e-shop), the BUYER is awarded rights to use these photos in accordance with the terms set forth in the license for use of photos (hereinafter – the license).
  2. The e-shop offers to purchase rights to use photos in line with the following licenses:
  1. The e-shop licenses are awarded online, and the photos purchased are made available electronically in JPG format (may be downloaded online).
  2. If the visitor of the website wishes (regardless of his or her intentions to make a purchase), he or she may register and create a user profile by clicking on a key symbol on the home page of the e-shop (upper right corner) and then entering the necessary data once directed to section “My profile”.
  3. When selecting photos in the galleries of the e-shop, the BUYER selects in the profile of each photo a type of license and then presses button “Add to cart”. To see the license purchase terms, the BUYER must press the circled symbol “?”.
  4. Once the photos are selected, the BUYER can move to the basket window by pressing button “View Cart”. In the Cart window, the BUYER checks whether he or she wishes to buy all the selected photos and whether he or she has selected an appropriate type of licenses. To delete the selected photo from the basket of purchases, the BUYER must press the white cross in the red circle. If the BUYER agrees to the license purchase terms, he or she must press on “Proceed to checkout”; then he or she is directed to a window where the purchase may be placed and the necessary data can be entered. To see the license purchase terms, the BUYER must press on “Place order”.
  5. When placing the purchase, the BUYER must do the following in the “Checkout/Billing info” window:

– fill-in the application form and check in the box “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” (see the remark below***),

– select one of the offered types of electronic payment by clicking on the appropriate description,

– at the end, there will be a “Checkout” window with the following statement: “Thank you! Your order is completed. Look for downloads in order details.”

(***) Remark. The BUYER hereby acknowledges and assumes full responsibility that the entered information is correct and true, that he or she agrees to purchase the license and that the terms of use of the respective license is binding upon him or her. If the BUYER does not agree to the terms of use of the license, the respective box need not to be checked thus terminating the photo purchase procedure.

  1. The information in the purchase form containing personal data and necessary for placing the license purchase transaction is to be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. The data made available by the BUYER are not to be stored and are to be used solely for preparation of the respective invoice.
  2. The license fee shall be determined depending on the type of the photo license; the license fee shall include the value-added tax (21%).
  3. The BUYER can pay for the license bought via the e-shop online by using PayPal payment system or Paysera payment system connection: via online banking system (if allowed by the credit institution) or with a bank card. It is illegal to use data of a payment card and/or the payment card itself issued to another person for purchasing licenses from the e-shop; a person at fault may be held criminally liable for the commission of the aforementioned criminal offence in accordance with regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
  4. Once the payment for the purchase is placed, the BUYER shall receive in the e-mail address specified in the application form an invoice with a web links to the purchased photos and shall be entitled to download photos from the basked of purchases. The purchased photos may be downloaded for 24 hours following the moment of payment.
  5. After the purchase of photos via the e-shop, the BUYER becomes a holder of the license. The holder of the license shall not be allowed to multiply or distribute the purchased photo files with a purpose to directly or indirectly hand it over for use to a third person.
  6. The terms of purchase of licenses via the e-shop do not have an option to purchase exclusive use rights of the photos, that is, other persons shall also be allowed to purchase and use photos.
  7. When using photos purchased via the e-shop, the holder of the license shall comply with the terms of each license, including:

In case of inquiries or questions:

– please call the number 26578856 or

– send an e-mail to aerolatvija@gmail.com